Managing your content

Content has exploded into our worlds. And, like all explosions, it needs managing… Carefully. That’s where we come into our own.

We have the printers, technology, service and knowledge to give your content the very best treatment it deserves.

Printers & Proofing

Fully managed printers
and service – from studio
and workplace to 3D

Creative Technologies

Our bespoke digital
solutions integrate
best of breed technology

3D Printing

With our 3D know-how,
the only limitation
is your imagination

What our clients say

LGS Service

Exceptional Service is what makes us LGS

Our current average service response time for Premier print clients is just 1 hour 42 minutes. Think about that next time your systems misbehave.




Premier Service

2 Hour Response Guaranteed
Monthly preventative maintenance
Option of 24 hour support for pitches
LGS engineers, printer Mac & PC trained
Colour management on all connected devices
Unlimited solution training

Enhanced Service

4 Hour Response Guaranteed
Quarterly preventative maintenance
Out of hours support
LGS engineers, printer Mac & PC trained
Initial product training

Standard Service

8 Hour or NWD Response
Working hours support
Engineers – OEM or LGS employed

For us, the starting point is that we deliver on what we promise, every time.

To us, exceptional customer service begins with taking the time and effort to properly understand your issues – well before any sale has taken place.

We then advise and propose what we believe to be the best solution to your problem, based upon our 20+ years of experience and partnering with the best application and technology providers in the industry.

As far as we’re concerned, this is what sorts out the professionals from the pretenders.

We pride ourselves on providing what we (and our clients) firmly believe to be the best service, support and maintenance found anywhere.

Systems have an annoying habit of falling over at really inconvenient times – and usually when your back is against the wall with an important job that just has to be out of the door ASAP. Our unique “Premier” support contract gives you ultimate piece-of-mind with a guaranteed 2 hour response time, as well as 24 hour evening and weekend cover.

When you take out a maintenance contract with us, it’s us who take care of you.

We don’t farm out our service plans to third-parties. Our applications specialists and field engineers have been trained to the highest levels to address issues quickly and get you back on your feet.

Unlike many other companies, we don’t lock you in to long term maintenance contracts. Our printer-copier plans can be as short as 30 days, and you can mix and match various service levels across your devices.