Centrify Security Software

Centrify software allows IT administrators to use their existing Microsoft Active Directory identity infrastructure, and deploy it into other applications and services. Centrify offers a set of unified identity services that allow you to securely leverage your existing identity infrastructure (Microsoft Active Directory) across a wide range of local, cloud-based or mobile applications.

This means that users will only have a single login, regardless of what device they’re using. It also acts as a single identity architecture for IT administrators to manage. Centrify will be the “glue” that links all those individual logins, applications, and services into a single entity for both user and IT administrator.

Centrify User Benefits

  • Single username/password across all user devices, systems and apps — on-premise and in the cloud.
  • Saves users time, improves their productivity and gives them the freedom to use the latest technology.
  • Self-service portal for users to manage their devices, update their Active Directory attributes, provision access to SaaS apps and push company approved apps to their mobile devices.

Centrify SysAdmin Benefits

  • Makes IT’s life easier via a “single pane of glass” for policy and identity
  • Reduces help desk burden and costs
  • A standards and non-intrusive based approach
  • Centrify’s integrated architecture across data centre, cloud and mobile + leveraging existing Active Directory = faster and more successful deployments

Greater Security

  • For Mac and Mobile: Lock down and authenticate mobile devices and Macs using the same tools you use for Windows
  • For Servers: Granular role-based access control, auditing and privileged identity management for *nix and Windows servers