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IC3D Packaging Software

Creative Edge Software is a U.S registered software development company, with UK based research and development. Their innovative patented 3D technology helps the ideation/design process in the packaging, labelling & graphics markets. It quickly enables more customers to better engage with the packaging, and greatly reduces the time to production. Their development pedigree spans 26 years creating & developing innovative software solutions for Fuji Film, Image Technologies, 3D computer games companies, leading OEMs and partners.


creative edge softwareIC3D is an innovative application that changes the entire process of product design, ideation, visualisation and collaboration. Flexible-packaging-3d-visualisation. Rather than segment the product and packaging design process into a number of disparate and siloed stages, IC3D allows designers, brands, marketing services providers and agencies to combine the functionality of a number of design and production applications into a single, unified platform. The result is a comprehensive visualisation and simulation solution that drastically reduces production lead times and increases project visibility and communication transparency.

IC3D imports model data from major 3D modelling applications by ingesting cross-platform file formats such as OBJ, 3DS, DAE/Collada and LWO. Users can also create and edit models from within IC3D itself.

creative edge softwareAt the same time IC3D allows the 2D product artwork – packaging, labels, etc. from creative applications such as Adobe® Illustrator™ – to be imported and a dynamic link created. Positioning artwork on the 3D model is quick and painless thanks to Auto Mesh Mapping, allowing precise placement without having to resort to complex UVW texture mapping placement processes. If the source artwork is amended or changed IC3D’s dynamic link technology updates the 3D visualisation in realtime, ensuring that project participants are always synchronised with the most recent version.

IC3D not only allows you too quickly and easily combine 2D artwork onto 3D model geometry. The entire system has been designed from the ground-up to offer real-world productivity benefits for designers, retailers, printers and converters.carton design and visualisation.

ic3dPrinting effects such as the use of embossing/debossing, metallic foils and inks, holographic and lenticular printing can all be simulated – again, in real-time. Lighting and 3D environments can be projected within the scene to simulate the ambient conditions of, say, a supermarket shelf or a carefully-positioned spotlight.

Once the pack has been created, IC3D can export the finished project for further processing, retouching – or export to a third-party 3D modelling application. The software supports direct STL file output, for streamlined integration into 3D printing workflows. IC3D can even record and export a QuickTime™ movie, to allow the 3D content to be viewed on the web or on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Download: IC3D V3 Press Release