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Hyphen-UK is a technology partner of LGS. Together we design, develop, implement & support solutions to streamline the processes of communication, promotion and multi-channel sales. We help Brands manage their digital content through the introduction of new technologies in their content life cycle. Hyphen solutions have been integrated into a wide array of global brands, using a consultative approach to streamline the content workflows and deliver the client’s strategic goals.

Hyphen UK

To achieve this, we utilise two powerful products: Hyphen Still Life (HSL) and Chalco.net to support a brands entire content life cycle from creation to channel.

Hyphen Still Life

A Production Solution for E-commerce and Multichannel Photography

Hyphen Still Life (HSL) is a complete, one-stop product photography management solution that allows business to produce stunning images and retain control over their creations.

HSL consists of management console and production software built around a special 360 degree photography set. This gives you full control over the capture and automated optimisation of the images prior to being added to our to our Chalco.net Product Content Management (PCM) solution which has an integrated DAM & PIM in a single portal. The solution allows you to manage the creation, flow, adaptation and delivery of any image you wish to create to any of your various marketing and communication channels that you need to boost your sales.

Using HSL is a quick and easy process:

  • Create your product entry – There are two ways to do this; either manually or by scanning a barcode on the product.
  • Photograph your product – Verifies, approves and sends your shots to your DAM system. This will then implement the post-production services that allow you to manage the creation and bespoke adaptation of the images and provide the 360-degree and 24 processed still life images, or just 3 or 4 specific shots.
  • Manage your product with Chalco.net –  The system ensures that the product assets can be enriched with the latest product information in an automatic or a manual method, depending on your preference.
  • Deliver product information and image to Channel – Customisable workflows allow you to manage this step to both your e-commerce and other digital channels.
  • Modular Solutions – Hyphen provides additional modular solutions that can be integrated into your workflow to help provide shooting lists, image approval workflows and automated file management.

Hyphen Still Life Workflow


Product Content Management Solution (PCM) with an integrated DAM & PIM to Simplify Client Communication Workflows

The operating system for your digital content, Chalco.net augments your ability to manage your processes and digital assets, distribute your targeted content, protect your brand’s integrity and support multi-channel sales.

Chalco.net is a Product Content Management solution that provides a seamless integration and access to a brand’s Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) system:

Chalco.net PCM enables you to ultimately deliver brand integrity and targeted consistent communications. You can coherently organise, manage, control and deliver the product content and images that your company shares through all your channels to market, including websites, Twitter feed, YouTube, Facebook and many more.

Chalco.net PCM manages all your digital assets: images, video, photographic, sketches, animations, music, documents etc. You can easily organise, manage, enrich, load, share, rename, backup, classify, group, archive, optimise, maintain and distribute files.

The content you create is used by numerous people, in various roles, throughout the life cycle of a product. With Chalco.net, you can choose to give individual employees the ability to edit, manipulate, share and archive the product image and information database. The platform flexibility allows you to accurately manage the entire end-to-end creation and delivery processes for online B2B and B2C sales platforms.

Because Chalco.net solution is available both as a SaaS or deployed at a data centre of your choice, you always retain maximum control over your information whilst maintaining brand integrity.

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