Managed Print Services

Photocopiers have come a long way. Today’s digital copiers are now multi-function devices (MFDs) that scan and print high-quality colour documents and invoices. They also offer a number of features to improve printing, finishing and collating workflows.

Most companies have multiple copiers, often of differing brands and models. This complicates device operation because features, security protocols and maintenance requirements vary between them. Most importantly, wastage and cost trackings are nearly impossible. If you face those problems, Managed Print Services (MPSs) is certainly the way forward.

At LGS, we’ve been running our MPS solutions for over 15 years. Designed around transparency, they give you complete oversight and control over printing at your office, your studio or across both environments.

LGS engineers provide proactive solutions by monitoring your systems in real time. Every device can be tracked on your network, so you are always aware of what is being printed and by whom. Enjoy document security and reliability while slashing print costs and saving the environment too.


Managed Print Services are perfectly suited for both studio and office environments. They offer:

The Best Device for You

Offices may require a device to print or scan documents to specific speed, format and finishing requirements. Studios may opt for a single printer to handle both design work and office documents. The sheer number of choices makes printer selection difficult. Don’t worry – LGS understands both environments. We’ll identify and supply the best device to meet your print and budget needs.

High Tech – Low A4 Click Cost

LGS has always been on the cutting edge of printing solutions. Our multifunctional office A4 devices equipped with advanced software deliver high quality print for under 3p. Contact us for more information on how you can boast the efficiencies and cut 30% from your current printing costs.

Cost & Environmental Savings

LGS offers a number of cost savings options: an MPS outsource of your printer fleet to LGS, the integration of a simple print policy from default mono printing or print release solutions for the saving of unwanted print jobs. MPS, combined with Follow Me print, is a powerful tool that can slash an estimated 20%* off your print budget.

Ultimate Control

MPS generates automatic reports for viewing or accounting including the charging back by department or client in real time. You can now manage in-house print and copy quotas and better control your budget to bring transparency to the true cost of printing.

Advanced Integration

User-friendly touchscreen interfaces make learning a breeze. You can tailor and automate repeat jobs and workflows to save time. Print from USB, scan or send directly to an email list from your tablet or smartphone. Thanks to built-in Optical Character Recognition, you can convert scan into searchable PDF. Enjoy the best colour-matched output without trial and error tests.

Complete Mobility

Mobile devices have evolved from purely personal devices to important business tools. At LGS, our experts work to integrate tablet and mobile printing seamlessly into your business life. Our solutions include corporate control for firewall protection so you never have to compromise security for ease of use.

Greater Device Uptime

For the last 15 years, LGS provide the Greenlight remote monitoring and diagnostic application that monitors your copier network for technical or application faults. It reports back to our Covent Garden service centre where engineers diagnose and fix the issue – sometimes remotely – even before you know there is a problem. The result: greater device uptime and reduced maintenance costs.


Our MPS solutions give you:

  • Proactive login of engineer’s callouts

  • Auto replenishment of consumables

  • Job release at the printer saves wasted prints

  • Print from any device – desktop, mobile or tablet printing

  • Optimised print with duplex or mono print policies

  • Secure code release to any prints on the network

  • Standardised security with badge access

  • Multiple printing options for Guests

  • Print monitoring and reporting

LGS offers a number of managed print services.

One of them is ideal for you – take a closer look or contact us for more info!

Canon Printers
Remote Device Monitoring
Xerox Printers
Print Management Software

What our clients say

“AMV Group agencies have relied on LGS services for a number of years. Throughout, LGS have provided top notch services and consulting to our agencies. From high end printing to software consultation their engineers and account representatives have proven to be flexible, extremely professional, knowledgeable and most importantly, responsive.”

Alex Papayannis

Client Technology Officer, Worldwide. eg+ worldwide

“Our catalogue production has been radically streamlined and provided benefits – from both a commercial and a production standpoint – that have exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

Peter Heptonstall

Head of Production and Creative Services, Findel

“The fact that LGS not only provided the right technology but also a huge amount of technical know-how, a high level of service and training support, was important to us to ensure the transition went through successfully.”

Mal Skelton

Production Director, Immediate Media

“Some service providers don’t understand the importance of colour consistency to the creative industry. We didn’t want a box shifter to come in and save us money on the meter click, our value of perception is different. We need a consistent colour workspace. LGS understands how to provide colour consistency. When it comes to ensuring overall efficiency of studio processes, creatives’ time and cost, calling in the LGS technicians is a good decision.”

Mike Jupp

IT Manager, Nissan Design Europe