The proactive people person

nathan scott

Sales roles at leading retail and IT brands from John Lewis to Canon and Apple gave Nathan Scott the chance to put his psychology and sociology qualifications from school days into practice – and turned out to be an ideal background for being an LGS field service engineer. Why does an engineer need ‘people’ skills? Isn’t it all about the … Read More

Webinar: Approve Your Rich Media Content Quickly and Securely

Creative Tech

Online Approval Webinar Wednesday 1st March 2017 from 10am to 11.30am Due to popular demand our Breakfast Seminar has become a Webinar! This means we’ll take up less of your time and provide greater ease of access to people who were previously unable to make their way to our London office. The Importance of Video & Rich Media to marketing teams around … Read More

Digital Asset Management – how to demonstrate business value, create a business case and start your search for the best solution

by Jenny Ridge, Head of Marketing at Third Light Ltd If you’ve decided that your business needs an intuitive DAM system to take over from your old, complex legacy systems, demonstrating business value may be fairly easy, given the problems they pose with compatibility, integration, security or lack of functionality. If existing systems no longer meet the company’s requirements, that’s … Read More

Communicate your brand colours around the globe, consistently and effectively, using ORIS CxF Toolbox & ORIS CxF Designer


Many of the Design, Creative and Marketing departments have the pleasure of working with Brands, and know how difficult it can be to maintain brand’s integrity across all its various outputs and communications. The very nature of working within an international network, across numerous locations around the world, means you can’t always guarantee you’ll be able to control the environments … Read More

London Graphic Systems joins the Ethos Group of Companies


Partnerships are an essential part of every journey of progress and growth. After over two decades of independent operation, LGS is now part of the Ethos Group of Companies (Ethos), one of the UK’s largest independent communication groups.  In this time, both organisations have developed a reputation as clear leaders in their respective fields. LGS will continue to operate under … Read More

The team player scores in tech support


Frustrated by the lack of opportunity in professional football coaching, sports science graduate Alex Smith switched to a completely different game when an internship in IT technical support revealed how his teaching and team-building skills could be used to achieve new goals – to the benefit of LGS clients. Why did you give up the football coaching? If you haven’t … Read More

Event: EURODUO 2017. March 13th-15th


As a valued LGS client and DALIM user, we would like to invite you to attend next year’s EURODUO, which is taking place on March 13 – 15 2017. EuroDUO is coming to Montpellier, one of the fastest growing cities in France, located near the Mediterranean coast. Montpellier is the perfect place to share fresh ideas and to discover the … Read More

Who is using DAM and how can it help my business?

by Jenny Ridge, Head of Marketing at Third Light Ltd Who is using DAM, and how? In today’s world, it’s difficult to imagine a business that doesn’t use media, whether it’s through the use of advertising to promote their products and services or to help support the internal machinations of their business. And virtually all of them use DAM now. … Read More

See ProofHQ in action for yourself in less than 4 minutes

We know you’re busy and don’t always have time for a comprehensive demo, which is why we thought we’d give you one that takes less than 4 Minutes (3:13 to be precise!). You could watch it while you wait for your inevitably delayed train or while the kettle is boiling. ProofHQ is an online proofing tool used by the top … Read More

Measuring the Business Value of Online Proofing


With ever-tighter budgets, the pressure is on to deliver higher ROI and greater project efficiency. This is a challenging proposition for any marketer. Fortunately, we at LGS have a solution; ProofHQ. ProofHQ automates out-dated approval processes with an online system that improves productivity and streamlines collaboration. Independent consulting firm, Intellilink, measured the effectiveness of ProofHQ’s online proofing tool and returned … Read More