Online Collaboration and Approval

Producing content can be a tough process for creative departments to manage. Endless email threads, unrealistic deadlines, outdated versions and a constant stream of feedback are just some of the more common problems people experience. If you’re familiar with any of these, then you’ll appreciate just how easy it is to lose comments, miss a request or create confusion.

We feel your pain. Thankfully, there’s a solution that can help shorten approval times and avoid unnecessary costs. For work to be approved on time, the system has to flow seamlessly and empower quick decision-making.

Using an online approval system you, your team and your clients can collaborate on, share and approve a wide range of content from anywhere in the world.

Accelerate your approval processes and better allocate resources across your organisation for a more versatile system that delivers consistent and lasting results.


Online approval helps you manage feedback, edits and sign-offs through one interface, leading to:

Improved Collaboration

Are you unsure of a project status? Having trouble keeping up with multiple email threads and the latest changes? A centralised information bank makes your assets and comments visible instantly to all relevant parties. Unnecessary emails are being reduced so there is no confusion over the details and direction of a project.

Effortless Editing

Do you struggle keeping track of peoples feedback? Even worse, are your colleague’s handwritten notes a little too difficult to decipher? Clear and open feedback channels allow comments and changes to be approved, addressed or even denied promptly at every stage.

Efficient Workflow

Do you have to extend deadlines on a regular basis, just so you can get work signed off? An online approval system can have a positive impact on the efficiency of your workflow, without restricting people’s creativity. Streamline your approval process to get faster approvals and a more traceable audit trail.

Reduced Time-to-Market

In the international workplace, chasing feedback and approval from half way around the globe can seriously slow down the progress of important projects. Having 24/7 access to an online approval platform, from anywhere in the world. Projects are proofed in real-time and consensus is reached quickly, meaning you reach the finish line faster.

Increased ROI

Is project management taking up too much manual time and effort? Is the constant proofing cycle having a negative effect on your printing budget? An Online Approval system reduces the time spent chasing feedback and signatures and removes the need for hard copy proofs. Enjoy faster turnarounds and greater returns for every project.


Our online collaboration and approval solutions give you:

  • Quick and easy way to share files and accelerate reviews

  • Online interface with side-by-side version comparisons for easy approval

  • Full Campaign management from idea to final output

  • Summary of comments made on a file and centralised in one place

  • Tools to pin point the exact place you need the changes made

  • Instant messaging and notifications features for faster collaboration

  • Simple online dashboard to track project status at a glance

  • Secure 24/7 global accesses to keep sensitive data protected

LGS offers a number of online collaboration and approval solutions.

Each has its unique strengths; contact us to discuss which one would best suit your needs.

ProofHQ Online Approval Software
Dalim Enterprise Solutions
Dalim Dialogue Engine

What our clients say

“AMV Group agencies have relied on LGS services for a number of years. Throughout, LGS have provided top notch services and consulting to our agencies. From high end printing to software consultation their engineers and account representatives have proven to be flexible, extremely professional, knowledgeable and most importantly, responsive.”

Alex Papayannis

Client Technology Officer, Worldwide. eg+ worldwide

“Our catalogue production has been radically streamlined and provided benefits – from both a commercial and a production standpoint – that have exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

Peter Heptonstall

Head of Production and Creative Services, Findel

“The fact that LGS not only provided the right technology but also a huge amount of technical know-how, a high level of service and training support, was important to us to ensure the transition went through successfully.”

Mal Skelton

Production Director, Immediate Media

“Some service providers don’t understand the importance of colour consistency to the creative industry. We didn’t want a box shifter to come in and save us money on the meter click, our value of perception is different. We need a consistent colour workspace. LGS understands how to provide colour consistency. When it comes to ensuring overall efficiency of studio processes, creatives’ time and cost, calling in the LGS technicians is a good decision.”

Mike Jupp

IT Manager, Nissan Design Europe