For any marketing or design company, accurate colour reproduction, good content management, great layouts and successful pitches all hinge on one critical stage of the production process – proofing.

Marketing and creative directors have to juggle cost savings, tight deadlines and obtain greater control from the demands of remote working. To deliver superior proofs with these challenges, the landscape is naturally evolving towards combining traditional proofing methods with online ones.

LGS has 20 years of heritage in delivering proofing solutions for creative agencies and studios. Our engineers make hardware maintenance, colour calibration and consistency a seamless journey. With LGS hard proofing, soft copy proofing and combined proofing, your team can view and accurately colour match designs to the final output and device; so your projects are never held up.

Studio Printers

When you choose an LGS Hard Proofing solution, you enjoy:

Superior Output Quality

Fogra contract proof solutions are maintained by LGS specialists with regular monthly or quarterly calibration.

2-Hour Response Time

LGS guarantee a 2-hour fix call out of a technical problem being logged means your projects are never delayed.

Ultimate In-House Flexibility

Instantly and accurately colour manage assets and correct first time printing of design work in house. Certified proofs are blindingly fast.

Automated Approval

With inkjet proofing, you can verify and certify contract proofs directly on the actual proofs you produce.

Accelerated 1st Page Out

3.4 seconds. This is all it takes to print your first proof! Beyond that, printer will deliver 60 pages/min so no deadline will be tight again.

LGS crafts soft proofing solutions that go beyond the basics. They offer:

Enhanced Collaboration

Dashboards allow you to view everything at a glance thus reducing unnecessary emails and network traffic.

Rapid Sign-Offs

Soft proofs are not dependent on colour-managed printers. They are produced, edited and approved faster.

Colour Management to Match Prints

The set templates and colour libraries allow proofs to be accurately colour matched to the final output or hard copy proof.

Complete Mobility

View and update files, comments or design from any digital devices – 24/7 at a time and location of your convenience.

Increased Cost Savings

With soft proofing, your entire toner, printer repair and printout storage costs are eliminated instantly.

Imagine the possibilities of combining content and remote proofing together. With LGS, you can:

Unparalleled Collaboration

All the benefits of online collaboration and approval are also available through our bespoke remote proofing solution.

High Quality Prints

Print your contract proofs remotely from any device as close as possible to the different proofing standards.

Flexible Colour Management

Embed ICC colour profiles to instantly colour manage documents and view them accurately.

Rapid Sign-Offs

View files on screen, add comments and approve versions on screen from any device -wherever you are in the world.

Increased Brand Integrity

Now, you can send a file that will come out correctly in a different location whilst retaining your design and colour integrity.

 Features Hard Proofing Soft Proofing Remote Proofing
Control designs of multiple file types and formats including spot colours
Accurate first time proofing for mark-up or sign-off
Sign-off designs that accurately represent the final output
Maintain Fogra consistency through monthly hardware checks and calibration
Fogra Certifications
A quick and easy way to colour managed and share files 24/7
Faster project sign off and cost saving on multiple hard copy proofs
Colour profiles to match monitor to hard-proof
Colour managed PDF to match hard proof
Online dashboard to track the project status and reduce emails
Website approval features
Tools to pin point the exact changes
Audit trail for optimum compliance
A username and password to protect sensitive data

LGS offers three different Proofing solutions.

One of them is ideal for you – get in touch to find out more.

Hard Proofing

LGS Hard Proofing

Supported Laser or Injekt Printer
Oris Colour Management Solution
Light Box
LGS Service

Fogra Logo
Soft Proofing

LGS Soft Proofing

Eizo Colour Managed Monitor
Light Controlled View Booth
ES Soft Proofing Solution
LGS Service

Fogra Logo
Remote Proofing

LGS Remote Proofing

Existing or new device
(Mac, PC, Phone or Tablet)
Customer Owned Laser MFD (Any model)
ProofHQ Content Approval
LGS Remote Approve
LGS Service

What our clients say

“AMV Group agencies have relied on LGS services for a number of years. Throughout, LGS have provided top notch services and consulting to our agencies. From high end printing to software consultation their engineers and account representatives have proven to be flexible, extremely professional, knowledgeable and most importantly, responsive.”

Alex Papayannis

Client Technology Officer, Worldwide. eg+ worldwide

“Our catalogue production has been radically streamlined and provided benefits – from both a commercial and a production standpoint – that have exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

Peter Heptonstall

Head of Production and Creative Services, Findel

“The fact that LGS not only provided the right technology but also a huge amount of technical know-how, a high level of service and training support, was important to us to ensure the transition went through successfully.”

Mal Skelton

Production Director, Immediate Media

“Some service providers don’t understand the importance of colour consistency to the creative industry. We didn’t want a box shifter to come in and save us money on the meter click, our value of perception is different. We need a consistent colour workspace. LGS understands how to provide colour consistency. When it comes to ensuring overall efficiency of studio processes, creatives’ time and cost, calling in the LGS technicians is a good decision.”

Mike Jupp

IT Manager, Nissan Design Europe