Workflow Management

In our experience, nowhere is more exposed and vulnerable to change than workflow management.

Communication difficulties between internal departments and/or suppliers, inefficient file distribution settings and inconsistent quality control are characteristic of an organisation with a poor workflow.

The right workflow system enables you to map every stage of the process from the first brief to final output. Best of all you can pin-point potential issues and gauge the impact of complications in one area on the entire process.

Whether your business requires integration with current processes or a complete overhaul to support new customer needs, smart workflow solutions will help you create more jobs, save money and grow your business.


LGS workflow solutions are an invaluable asset to any business. They offer:

Powerful Project Tracking

Having trouble keeping track of your projects? Combined with flat planning, approval management and project tracking, our solutions allow optimum business process and deadline management. Ensuring your jobs are sent out on time, every time.

More Productive Workflow

Repetitive and laborious tasks can be time consuming, right? Does your process require manual interventions? We can help streamline your workflow and automate monotonous tasks such as pre-flighting, file optimisation and colour conversion. Results faster time to market in return and improved communication in the complete supply chain.

24/7 Access

Easy and remote accesses are a common problem people have with their workflow and can slow you down significantly. Our solutions give you 24/7 access to everything – from briefs, images to fully designed content – centralised through one interface, anytime, anywhere.

Increased Bottom Line

Creating multiple versions, purchasing different software to run different tasks and lengthy communications trails can cost you time and money. By reducing hard copy proofs, lessen print or storage charges! And see expenses lowering, lead times quickening and bottom line rising.

Improved Compliance

Do you lack the control over the quality of output across all your different channels? Our solutions store and organise your versions and traceable audit trail in one place, allowing for more accountability and brand consistency.


Our workflow solutions give you:

  • Project milestones to streamlined processes

  • HTML5 collaborative platform

  • Full Campaign management from idea to final output

  • Customisable automated workflows from simple approval to sophisticated campaigns

  • Deadline and production management

  • User specific dashboards for intuitive interaction

  • Automatic file conversion for cross media outputs

  • Colour correct collaboration and approval

LGS offers a number of workflow management solutions.

Each has its unique strengths; we’d love to discuss them with you and find the one best suited to your needs.

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What our clients say

“AMV Group agencies have relied on LGS services for a number of years. Throughout, LGS have provided top notch services and consulting to our agencies. From high end printing to software consultation their engineers and account representatives have proven to be flexible, extremely professional, knowledgeable and most importantly, responsive.”

Alex Papayannis

Client Technology Officer, Worldwide. eg+ worldwide

“Our catalogue production has been radically streamlined and provided benefits – from both a commercial and a production standpoint – that have exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

Peter Heptonstall

Head of Production and Creative Services, Findel

“The fact that LGS not only provided the right technology but also a huge amount of technical know-how, a high level of service and training support, was important to us to ensure the transition went through successfully.”

Mal Skelton

Production Director, Immediate Media

“Some service providers don’t understand the importance of colour consistency to the creative industry. We didn’t want a box shifter to come in and save us money on the meter click, our value of perception is different. We need a consistent colour workspace. LGS understands how to provide colour consistency. When it comes to ensuring overall efficiency of studio processes, creatives’ time and cost, calling in the LGS technicians is a good decision.”

Mike Jupp

IT Manager, Nissan Design Europe