Workfront is a cloud-based work management tool. It allows you and your colleagues to manage your work from one place, eliminating extra work and streamlining your project timelines. Workfront simplifies everything from internal communications, providing you with real time collaboration tools, to project tracking and reporting. All of these features will help your organisation improves its bottom-line by removing any inefficiencies and the natural clutter a project can accumulate over time. Best of all, Workfront can be accessed from anywhere in the world, from any time-zone.

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Unlike traditional project management tools, Workfront can be custom fit to your organisations workflow, helping to reduce steps, instead of adding them on. Adopting Workfront will enable you and your team to:

Gather & Prioritise Requests

workfront-ewm-sub1Get the right information from the start of your project so you can stop sifting through emails and sticky notes. Get all your requests in one place using intelligent queues so that you can complete projects faster and with less work.

Plan in Your Project Methodology of Choice

Not all teams work the same way and Workfront thinks you should be able to work in any project management methodology. No matter how your team plans – Agile, Waterfall, or a combination of the two – Workfront can support it.

Assign the Right Resources

Resource management allows you to track performance and balance resources. See what everyone is working on, then drag and drop assignments to team members or shift assignments as needed to make sure you’re meeting deadlines.

See Everything on Your Plate

The My Work page allows you to quickly manage your work, including a complete list of work priorities now and in the future, as well as updates on recent conversations. With My Work, you can easily monitor your progress and contribution.

Real Time Reports, Tracking and Visibility

We give you immediate access to custom reports, graphs and real time dashboards that track projects, resources, budgets, schedules and more. Allow your team to stay up-to-date on the status of your projects.

See All Work Management Functionality

Workfront’s project management software provides additional features to improve productivity, including gantt charts, workflow automation, document management and countless product integrations.

Workfront Features

  • Request Management: Request management software that helps you stay on top of your work with requests that flow directly into your queue.
  • Work Templates: Streamline repetitive work and get all of the details upfront.
  • Work Management: Manage all of your work, from campaign projects to individual jobs and tasks.
  • Digital Proofing: Keep work moving forward with proofing and reviews in one place.
  • Approvals: Eliminate approval bottlenecks with built-in approval paths and reminders.
  • Digital Asset Management: Store, manage and distribute final files and completed digital assets in one central location. Get anytime, anywhere access to the files you need.
  • Collaboration: Communicate within the context of work for easy tracking and efficiency.
  • Document Management: Document Management: Store, access, and share digital assets internally and externally.
  • Recognition: Motivate team members with real-time feedback and endorsements.
  • Notifications: Keep everyone in the know of what’s happening and what’s still required.
  • Resource Visibility: Balance and manage resources with visibility into existing workloads.
  • Agile: Choose your work style—Workfront suits your preferred methodology.
  • Calendars: Stay organized and on time with customisable, visual work calendars.
  • Reports & Dashboards: Build custom reports to track, document, analyze, and share your progress.
  • Ipad App: Get executive-level visibility and control from anywhere, anytime.
  • Time Tracking: Avoid timing guesswork and track to budget with integrated timesheets.
  • Work In The Cloud: Manage, store, share, and collaborate on all work securely in the cloud.
  • Outlook: Coordinate projects, manage requests, and collaborate directly within Outlook.
  • Mobile Apps: Update work on the go with iPad™, iPhone™, and Android™ mobile apps.
  • Workfront’s Adobe Integrations
  • Enterprise Grade: Get a secure, scalable, SLA-guaranteed platform you can rely on.
  • Integrations: Unify your work with easy integration to top-notch marketing and document platforms.
  • Customisation: Configure Workfront to suit your needs, processes, and environment.

For more information on Workfront or for pricing contact one of our sales team or call us on 020 7759 4545.

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