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NAPC Brand Control

Our North American alliance partners, NAPC have developed Brand Control to increase productivity, capabilities and ease-of-use of the Xinet digital asset management server solution. Brand Control is a set of four essential Xinet plugins that have been designed to make life easier for B2B DAM service providers such as ad agencies, retailers, premedia companies, printers, publishers and brand owners.

Creative Banks Visitor Management

CreativeBanks: Easier WebNative Vistor Management

WebNative visitor management made simpler. CreativeBanks links to your Active Directory in the background, and can incorporate external users without IT admins having to create individual users in Active Directory. Other highlights include a new security model to enforce password rotation and strength, “themes” to help build branded Xinet DAM for clients faster, as well as support for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Key Features

  • Quick and easy additions of landing pages, support pages, registration pages, lost password pages and legal page to Xinet WebNative. No programming skills required.
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory, add external users (clients, vendors, freelancers, etc) by mapping them to a single proxy user in Active Directory.
  • 7 ready-to-use, fully-customisable Xinet WebNative DAM user themes included.
  • Enhanced “high security” model option making password changes more secure, as well as an Active Directory- compatible model.
  • Mobile device support ensures an optimised user experience with automatic resizing to fit various screens.


Elegant: Create Amazing Company-Branded Interfaces Faster and Easier

Elegant allows even inexperienced users to create and customise Xinet asset libraries via an easy-to-use interface.

Key Features

  • Developed with direct guidance and validation from Xinet. Supports Xinet Portal adn all Portal features (e.g. streaming video, markup/annotations, etc.)
  • Amazing-looking themes give Xinet Portal sites a polished look, and allow instant changes to the user experience. Best of all, you can do custom development projects with Elegant without any risk of new releases breaking it.
  • Modern Web 2.0 technology (all CSS-based) ensures Elegant works on mobile devices – iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


nTransit: An Easier Way To Exchange Large Files

Fast, Easy and Secure file delivery – inc. seamless WebSend integration.

Key Features

  • Send files (including multiple files at once) to virtually anyone via the Web. Just type in e-mail addresses or choose a partner from your distribution list.
  • Multiple file delivery methods 1) send a link to browse a directory of files, 2) send a link to preview individual files, including videos and PDFs, or 3) send a link to download a file instantly.
  • Return receipt confirmations: Senders can see exactly when files arrive and when they’ve been successfully retrieved. Recipients are notified upon arrival.
  • No FTP hassles.Partners no longer have to hunt down the files they want. Plus, all files are sent using Xinet’s WebNative via http or https, so there are never any firewall issues.

Report Generator

ReportGenerator: Find Out Virtually Anything About Your Company’s Xinet Usage

Dozens of customizable reports on user and file activity, and one-click output into pre-built templates and spreadsheets.

Key Features

  • Search Metadata – in real-time. Delve into what’s stored in your files. See all metadata fields including XMP and IPTC, and search for everything from rights privileges to Photoshop colour modes to custom fields.
  • Automatically rotates your log files, freeing up hard drive space and ensuring report accuracy.


Swedish software developer InPress Systems offers a range of functionality and productivity enhancements to the Xinet FullPress and WebNative server applications.

InPress Accelerator

InPress Accelerator

Turns Your Xinet WebNative Server Into A Web-To-Print Portal. Adding the InPress Accelerator plugin to your new or existing Xinet WebNative installation turns your server into an online print and document ordering portal.

Key Features

  • Create your own web templates: Building localized / targeted campaign materials become fast and easy.
  • Customise print jobs: After logging-in, select a template and enter the required variable data information. An online proof is generated, complete with versioning support, allowing you (or your clients) to tailor template elements while following brand design guidelines
  • Build Targetted Ads: Accelerator can be used as as online advertising production system. Once layout, brand guidelines, etc. have been established, project participants can login and create localized ads online. Automate PDF file delivery and send customized email notifications.
  • Online Document Repository: Accelerator turns Xinet WebNative into a powerful online document ordering engine. Users can browse through static documents and templates.
  • Web-2-Print: Create and order output, generate proofs, deliver jobs and provide customizable user iteraction. An optional aBiz module adds credit card check-out functionality and more.

InPress inAlias

InPress inAlias (Smart User Registration For Xinet Users)

InAlias adds a raft of user registration features for Xinet WebNative digital asset management servers. Creating WebNative users has never been so easy.

Key Features

  • Self Registration: Request access rights to a WebNative digital asset management instance via a standard web form. Passwords are automatically created and a confirmation mail is sent to the user.
  • Enhanced Login Services: The login page can be completely customized to fit in with a specially developed Xinet online portal. Automated logins are also possible, opening-up the possibility to create SSO (single sign-on) solutions.
  • Password Retrieval: Forgot your password? No problem. Set a password security question when registering and InAlias will mail it to you.

InPress InterAct

InPress InterAct (Easy Asset Ordering and Delivery)

InterAct adds a number of powerful feature options to Xinet digital asset management servers to order and deliver assets faster and easier.

Key Features

  • Self Registration: Request access rights to a WebNative digital asset management instance via a standard web form. Passwords are automatically created and a confirmation mail is sent to the user.
  • Batch Conversion: Convert a basket of assets for specific uses, by specific users. Multipurpose assets based upon client or vendor requests.
  • Collaborative: Share saved baskets of assets easily with other Xinet users.
  • Smart Asset Distribution: Create distribution lists for often-used file transfer destinations. Send files via email, FTP/SFTP or web link.
InPress EnRoute

InPress EnRoute (Smarter Hotfolder Management)

EnRoute watches a designated directory or directory structure and runs custom database queries based upon either schedules or intervals.

Key Features

  • File Routing Based On DB or Upload: Once a file, or set of files have been uploaded, EnRoute can query the database and route the files accordingly.
  • Reporting, Notification and Update: All data can be sent as notification emails, as well as written as a custom report for use in third-party systems or databases. New data can be applied either before or after the asset has been routed.

InPress InPressive (Customisable UI skin)

InPressive offers addition options for creating a dedicated user interface and experience from a standard Xinet WebNative installation.

Key Features

  • Simplify Site Branding: Create custom styles, easily and quickly add branding information – logos,, colours, etc.
  • Easier Navigation: Xinet users can search all WebNative volumes from any location, complete with advanced filtering options and the creation of favourite locations.
  • e-Commerce Storefront: InPressive comes with an eCommerce storefront theme and layout for easily creating a Web-to-Print website.

Production Central

Production Central puts you directly in control of your Xinet Server, allowing you to manage file structures, approval processes and provides a slick proofing solution for your clients. Production Central is made up of three software modules that work beautifully together to create a new powerful Xinet experience.

Xinet Plugins Production Central

Xinet Plugins Production Central

Direct Create

For the first time ever, Production Central puts you directly in control of your Xinet Server. You can create job based directory structures and permissions via the GUI.

TreeView Menu

Navigate your file server with a smart, lightweight integrated xml treeview that can be easily customised to reflect your current portal site branding.

Proof HQ Integration

Production Central works seamlessly with the online proofing solution Proof HQ allowing you to review and approve high volume, time-critical design work.

Xinet Plugins Collaborate


Integration with Proof HQ means it’s a fast, easy way to manage feedback and approval of creative projects. Brands, agencies and print service providers use ProofHQ’s online proofing solution to review and approve high volume, time-critical design work. Simplifying workflow and cutting delivery time in half.

Xinet Job Management Tools


Allow client stakeholders to control the approval life cycle of media assets through their own defined workflows. You now have the ability to create client-specific workgroups for better file organisation and security and have full visibility of the approval processes from within WebNative. Your approval cycle users do not need to access to WebNative® Server based assets and because of the segmented views it allow operators & client stakeholders to manage assets efficiently.